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It's Time For Me” offers a unique range of traditional massage therapies and specialist massage from around the world as well as and facials using holistic natural skin care products. Our signature massage combines treatments and will impress anyone looking for something special.

All treatments are available as gift vouchers.

We are located in the centre of Cambridge (CB2) near to the Fitzwilliam Museum and Peterhouse College. We are open 6 days a week. Please note treatments are strictly by pre-arranged appointment only.





 Time For Me facial treatments are carried out using Ark’s British holistic natural skincare products. Rich serums in natural active ingredients will treat your skin addressing any skin concerns. All products and available to buy for home use.

  Ark Skincare  



Time-for-me Luxury Skin Response Facial

 Come face to face with your beautiful skin. Lay back, relax and let yourself be totally pampered. A deep cleansing and moisturising routine for everything the face could possibly need. While the hydrating mask and serums works their magic let your hands and feet enjoy a soothing massage. A gentle head massage ends this extra special experience

£70.00 for a 75 minute treatment


Time-for-me Power Skin Response Facial

Holistic facial for deep cleansing and hydration. Customised to your skin to address any imbalances and concerns. Excellent all around quick maintenance treatment with fantastic results

£50.00 for a 50 minute treatment


Massage Treatments


The Works Signature Massage and Facial Experience

If you are into serious pampering this one is for you. First experience massage heaven with our signature massage. Perfect to unwind and totally relax. Follow this with our power skin response facial giving you a unique and wonderful pamper experience.

£100.00 for 2 hour treatment


Signature Head to Toe Massage

Time-For-Me massage experts recognises that no two bodies are the same.Choose a combination of therapies to focus on your back, legs, feet or scalp. Each bespoke massage will begin with a sensory journey towards complete absolution for which you can pick an aromatherapy oil of your choice. Relax and enjoy a therapeutic treatment for tense, hard to reach areas. This massage contributes to a feeling of all over wellbeing, eliminating tension and knots from muscles and joints, leaving your body totally rejuvenated, and the mind completely relaxed.

£55.00 for a 75 minute treatment


Hot stone Massage

“ Pure bliss “ If you are looking for a seriously indulgent massage then this is definitely for you !. Hot stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of a typical massage. The heated stones glide over the skin warming and soothing your muscles. You will feel totally cocooned and move into a deeper dimensions of relaxation leaving you nurtured and pampered.

£60.00 for a 75 minute treatment
£70.00 for a 90 minute treatment


Hot and Cold Stone Massage

“Something a little different “ A wonderful massage with the alternate application of the warm and frozen marble stones. The treatment stimulates the nervous system. The combination of relaxing warmth and refreshing coolness is believed to encourage the body to heal quicker. A real feel good factor if you have been feeling out of sorts.

£60.00 for a 75 minute treatment
£70.00 for a 90 minute treatment


Hot Stone Back Relaxation Massage

The perfect massage for those of you who experience muscular aches and pains in the upper and lower back. The heated stones glide over the skin warming and soothing your muscles. You will feel totally cocooned and move into a deeper dimensions of relaxation leaving you nurtured and pampered.

£50.00 for a 50 minute treatment


Back Service and Skin Response Facial

The perfect massage for those of you who want to release tension in your Back Neck and Shoulders but also want to come face to face with your beautiful skin. Lay back, relax and let yourself be totally pampered.

£80.00 for a 95 minute treatment


Lava Shell Relaxation Massage

Perfect for those indulging moments

This revolutionary and unique massage for women and men uses naturally self warming Tiger Clam Shells from the Philippines to deliver a seamless treatment tailored to suit your individual needs. The warm smooth shells are expertly guided over the body with varying pressures, techniques and precision. The purest essential oils provide a sense of balance to the entire body and mind.

£55.00 for a 70 minute treatment


Lava Shell Back Massage

Back to life

Relieve the deepest aches and pains, stress and tension in your back with this Lava heated Tiger Clam Shells from the Philippines. The smooth heated shells are expertly glided over the back with varying pressures, on the back, neck and shoulders. The lava shells achieve a firm deep pressure and treat deep rooted muscle problems. The radiating heat from the shells releases tension and leaves you feeling instantly stress free and rejuvenated.

£45.00 for a 45 minute treatment


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

One of the most mysterious and best massages in the world. The lomi lomi massage is a technique that until recently was known only to Hawaiian master healers.

The massage works along the length of the body, using forearms and body weight in a hypnotic rhythm which lulls participants into deep relaxation. This unique experience leaves you feeling totally refreshed as your body unconsciously releases physical and emotional tensions.

Due to the nature of nature of Lomi Lomi massage we can only offer this treatment to female clients.

£70.00 for a 70 minute treatment


Balinese Massage

A massage with attitude !

Balinese massage is a rigorous and luxurious spa treatment which stimulates blood flow of oxygen and 'qi' (energy) around your body, bringing deep relaxation and a feeling of spiritually renewal. Balinese massage uses a variety of techniques including acupressure and reflexology, deep tissue massage, skin rolling, kneading and stroking all using essential oils to deeply to soothe damaged tissue, and relieve strained muscles and joint pain. The boost to your circulation will help reduce stress and rebalance your body leaves you feeling relaxed and serene.

£55.00 for a 60 minute treatment


Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient Indian massage which aims to maintain the health of the mind and spirit with each treatment tailored to your individual needs.  Warmed oils and herbs help dispel accumulated toxins providing you with optimal balance to the body.  Massage techniques work on energy points relating to different organs and systems of the body. The aim of Ayurveda Massage is to bring the client's dosha as nearly as possible into balance - the more balanced it is the healthier the person.

£70.00 for a 70 minute treatment


Aromatherapy Massage

A light holistic massage performed with a combination of exquisite pure essential oils. The wonderful aromas will capture your sense leaving you wonderfully relaxed with a great sense of well-being.

£55.00 for a 75 minute treatment
£40.00 for a 50 minute treatment


Back Service

The perfect massage for those of you who experience muscular aches and pains and in the upper and lower back. A firm massage designed to release tension.

£35.00 for a 50 minute treatment


Deep Tissue Massage

Nothing could be better for your aching limbs

Deep Tissue massage is a firm massage designed to relieve severe tension focusing on muscles below the surface of the top muscles. Excellent for those who experience consistent pain or are involved in heavy physical activity, Physical and emotional traumas can tighten and stiffen these tissues. When this happens, the body moves out of a state of natural alignment and loses its flexibility and gravitational balance.

£60.00 for a 75 minute treatment
£45.00 for a 50 minute treatment


Indonesian Spa Ritual

Indonesian massage which was historically reserved for Indonesian Princesses is a beautiful amazingly powerful treatment with a wow factor. Each body area is massaged four times. First a full body exfoliation removes dead skin cells, then a full body massage with dry hands is followed by a deep tissue massage using warm oils. To finish a massage with cream completes your pampering luxury!

£70.00 for a 75 minute treatment


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is a pain-relief technique that alleviates muscle spasms and cramping while concentrating on problem areas to help relieve stress and tension. "Trigger Points" are tender areas where muscle has been damaged or have acquired a recurring spasm and are painful when activated. Trigger point therapy releases muscle tension enabling greater blood flow which allows the natural healing process to commence. Trigger point therapy is combined with massage to relieve pain and increase mobility. Those who experience chronic muscle tension and associated pain are likely to benefit greatly from trigger point therapy.

£45.00 for a 50 minute treatment


Neck And Shoulder Massage

” Knot buster ” The ultimate massage for those knots in your neck and shoulders. Feel the wonderful relief as the pain and tension just drifts away. Ideal for those suffering from the effects of sitting in front of a computer.

£30.00 for a 30 minute treatment


For The Mum-To-Be

The perfect treat - a combination of treatments adapted for the Mum-to-be. A wonderful foot massage followed by a soothing neck and shoulder massage finishing with an Indian head massage.

£40.00 for a 45 minute treatment
£60.00 for a 75 minute treatment


Indian Head

De–stress yourself after a demanding day.
Seated in a comfortable massage chair just let the tension drift away. This wonderful treatment works on the shoulders, neck, and head.

£35.00 for a 50 minute treatment


Feet Treat

“A wonderful treat for your feet “ Soak your feet in a wonderful bubbling foot spar laced with the most exquisite pure essential oils. Then experience foot heaven with a gentle massage which will totally relax you and your feet.

£30.00 for a 30 minute treatment


Gift Vouchers



Gift vouchers are available for all of our treatments. We are able to personalize the vouchers with your choice of words to make the gift even more special. Vouchers are normally dispatched within 24 hours by first class post. Appointment can be made either at the time of purchase or taken at any convenient time up to six months later.

In order to purchase a gift voucher please contact us by phone or email and we will send a response asking for your choice of words to personalize the gift voucher and instructions of how to make payment.

Note, at times we can become very busy, therefore we recommend you contact us at least 3 weeks prior to the expiry of a your voucher.

We regret that vouchers are neither refundable nor transferable.



On Line Payment


Payments can now be made on-line using paypals secure payment system, bank transfer or cash. Prior to making a payment please contact us to make an appointment.



To Book An Appointment


Treatements are available :-

Mondays to Thursday : 8.00am - 7.00pm

Fridays and Saturdays : 8.00am - 3.00pm

Sundays : Closed

We may also have appointments on the same day, so please call to check for availability on the day.


Please note :-

Its-Time-For-Me offer a professional service concentrating on health and well being of our clients. We do not perform any additional services of a sexual nature. Please do not contact us if you are seeking such services.

To book an appointment or request a gift voucher please call Nicola Woodruff
01223-351567 or



Cancelation Policy

As a courtesy at least 48 hours notice is requested if you need to cancel or change your appointment. Otherwise a late cancellation charge may be levied. This can be up to the cost of the appointment.




Nicola Woodruff is a dedicated professional therapist qualified to a high professional standard and regulated by the Federation of Holistic therapists.














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